PSALMSCALLING is a stamp making studio established in 2018 by creative artist, Shin. The artist has a longstanding love affair with arts and crafts as a young child. The creation of PSALMSCALLING's works is an inspiration of her faith and love of nature; putting an abstract image into physical form. PSALMSCALLING produces handcrafted rubber stamps for corporates, all kinds of events, and personalised (customised) gifts. Shin conducts rubber stamp workshops and also gives the attendees a sneak peek of her life. 


How it started...

"I was working as an Atelierista, "a teacher with art background" in a preschool.  Before I left the preschool to focus on the last lap of my studies in B.A. Art Education with Psychology, I wanted to do something for the children under my care, where we created precious memories together that belonged to everyone over the past years. I started customising the rubber stamps according to my understanding of every child's needs and wants.


This business idea was sparked off by a happy incident where one of the parents, whose boy received a customised stamp, told me that her son had been using the customised stamp to write letters to his grandmother who lives abroad. It was a heartfelt moment that I still vividly remember that through my craftworks, I managed to touch some lives that are closer to home, and across a thousand miles from our little red dot.


PSALMSCALLING is all about spreading this token of thought and experiences to others. I hope those who receive the customised stamps can experience and feel the heart of the giver through their thoughts and designs." then, Ms Shin


One fine day... when I was reading THE BOOK, I saw my name 'Shin' in there and it spoke to me.

Lookup Psalm 119:161-168. Spot 'ש' in my logo!

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